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Caring. Encouragement. Education. Empowerment.
Your help will go a long way in transforming little boys and little girls hearts into warriors who need all the courage, strength and perseverance possible to fight as they continue on through their life’s journey full of medical procedure and protocol.

Our Current Programs
Imagine being a child, or a parent of a child and hearing the doctor say—
“You will have to fight each and every day for the rest of their life to stay alive. You have Type 1 diabetes.”Sadly, a typical beginning of a T1 diabetes journey starts with the child who has been rushed to the hospital emergency room because they are very ill. They do not know it, but their little bodies are literally starving to death. Organs are beginning to fail. Oftentimes on the brink of death. Their pancreas has stopped functioning properly and the body is left unable to fulfill its most essential function of fueling the body’s organs. Medical teams work to stabilize and get them back to feeling better.But, life will never be the same.Being diagnosed with Type 1 forces children and young people into a world of medical procedure, protocol and treatment. And, that child is not going to be cured—there is no cure—they are now a patient for life.

When Type 1 diabetes strikes there is disbelief, shock, anger, fear, helplessness, pain and sorrow. There is so much to learn. There is overwhelm. There is mourning. Another childhood stolen. It is time to learn to cope and time to learn how to live life the best you can. It is difficult. Forced to face and fight a life threatening disease every day for life is a tragedy that changes life for the child and the entire family, forever.That’s the very moment our support begins.
At the hospital, through our ‘Crate, Full of Courage’ and ‘Brave Box’ programs.

Crate, Full of Courage and Brave Box Programs 
Making a difference in the lives of children and families faced with this complex and difficult health crisis bundles of encouragement are overflowing with helpful, useful and practical tools, comfort and support items and essential educational materials, information and resources. Ensuring that newly diagnosed children, young people and families in crisis feel less scared, have everything they need when they get home from the hospital and a little guidance and direction to start their new journey and face this tremendously difficult change with grace and courage.

“Thank you Kids With Courage for being here for my sweet Reese and our family the unforgettable day we found out how Type 1 diabetes would change our lives. You’ve made a world of difference and assisted us in making the transition less difficult–providing diabetes education, courage and supporting our family in our journey of a lifetime.”

“Your booklet, the Uninvited Stranger was so helpful to me as a mother. It addressed every single emotion I was feeling and made a big difference for me.”

“We talk about courage every day—sometimes I think I need more than my daughter.
Thank you for all you do.”

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United We Fight:  Outreach activities for families where T1 lives.
Managing T1 diabetes isn’t easy.  Successfully living well with T1 requires more than knowledge, good medical care and treatment.  Attitude, motivation, and support are major components.  Connecting with and support from others who understand their journey is an important tool that can make all the difference.
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Education Classes and Workshops:
Guardian Angels: Partners in Care. Caring individuals–grandparents, caregivers, family, friends and school and daycare staff have the opportunity to learn about Type 1 diabetes and how to care for a child with it from Certified Diabetes Educators. Click here for our 2019 Educational Flyer. Please feel free to share!
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Type 1 Champions Scholarship Program: 
The need for scholarships for children and young people with Type 1 diabetes is enormous. Imagine a lifetime of expensive daily medications and quality healthcare. We were proud to offer $10,000 in scholarships in 2016 and 2017. And for 2019 we have brought back another $5,000 in Scholarship opportunities for our Type 1 families. 
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e-Services Online Tools :
For families where T1 lives who live outside our local delivery/service area, valuable information and helpful tools are available here online.

Tools, Info, and Resources