Our Courage Champions

istock_000007270910xsmallNot all little girls and boys get to live the fairy tale belief of American childhood according to which children are meant to live happily ever after, enjoy fun and carefree childhoods. Type 1 diabetes is a horrible, complex, deadly disease forces children and young people to battle each day to live. Daily responsibilities include enduring intensive medical care and treatment, multiple daily injections or continually infuse insulin thru a pump, monitoring, finger pokes, dangerous blood sugar levels, highs and lows and many more daily responsibilities. Emotionally, they must endure ‘being different’ when all they want to do is feel normal and fit in with their peers.

It’s not easy being a child or young person with Type 1 diabetes. Yet, these amazing kids face this heavy burden—they fight, they persevere, they overcome. Many of these children have been within hours of death and face that real possibility on a regular basis. I wonder if somehow these kids instinctively just know how precious and fragile life can be. They inspire those who know them with their bravery, strength, and love of life. We at Kids With Courage are privileged and honored to get to know some of these amazing kids. They are indeed, our Courage Champions!